Watch: 'Edward Beerbottlehands,' Pixar's 'Expendables' and the Top 20 Cinematic Techniques

Watch: 'Edward Beerbottlehands,' Pixar's 'Expendables' and the Top 20 Cinematic Techniques

Aug 28, 2012


Welcome to Morning Watch, our daily roundup of funny/interesting/bizarre/creative/informative videos for you to start your day with.

An Agentinian beer brand decided to get a little creative when promoting their new wide-mouth beer bottle by creating this Edward Scissorhands-esque ad about a man who lives his life with beer bottles for hands. [via DesignTaxi]

If Pixar made The Expendables, it might look a little something like this... [The Daily What]

Ever see a really cool shot in a movie and wonder what it's called? Film student Oscar Feiven pieced together this geeky little video featuring a bunch of classic techniques and how they fit into popular movies. [/Film]

And here are the movies and techniques featured, courtesy of Feiven's YouTube channel:

Movies: Children of Men, Star Wars: Episode IV, Shaun of the Dead, Reservoir Dogs, Lord of the Rings, Atonement, Cowboys and Aliens, Citizen Kane, Mission: Impossible, Cloverfield, Inception, Zombieland, Kill Bill Vol. 1, The Other Guys, Limitless, 8 Mile
Techniques: Establishing Shot, Long Shot, Doggie Cam, Steady cam, Pan, Fast Cut/Rapid Zoom, Low Angle Shot, Crane Up, Dutch Angle, POV, Special Effects, Slow Motion, Panoramic Traveling, Horizontal Traveling, High angle, Tilt, Limitless Zoom, Camera Split

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