Your Top Three: Favorite Sylvester Stallone Movies

Your Top Three: Favorite Sylvester Stallone Movies

Oct 16, 2013

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I'm shocked at how few Sylvester Stallone movies I've actually seen. It's not like a majority of them are great masterpieces of cinema, or that any of them are that necessary at all, but he was once one of the biggest movie stars in the world and I would have thought I grew up a fairly mainstream moviegoer. And I've been alive for most of his career. 

Yet I've never seen one Rambo movie in full. I've only seen two Rocky installments. Never made it to Cliffhanger, Cop Land, Daylight or even Tango & Cash. It's probably for the best that I've never seen Oscar nor Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot nor Rhinestone. But then why have I seen Judge Dread, Over the Top and both of the Expendables movies as well as his latest, the awful Escape Plan

Fortunately, I've got followers and readers to poll in order to find out what Stallone movies I'm most in need of catching up with finally. The catch, as always, is that by "Stallone movies" I mean those he stars in. That means nothing he just cowrote and directed like Staying Alive (which I've also seen for some reason). And sadly, it excludes one of my favorite comedies of all time, Bananas.

Here are my top three Sylvester Stallone movies:

1. Rocky IV - The original is technically the better picture, or so says the Academy. But as the first I'd seen and coming from a guy who loves any overstated Cold War-context action movie of the 1980s, this hits my soft spot. Also, the sequence contrasting Rocky and Drago's preparations before their Christmas bout is the greatest training montage of all time. 

2. Demolition Man - The better of the Stallone and Rob Schneider team-ups for sure, this also remains one of the most clever futurist sci-fi comedies in years, in spite of borrowing a lot from Sleeper. It's funny now to think I developed a huge crush on then-non-movie-star Sandra Bullock after this movie

3. Cobra - This one definitely has my favorite Sylvester Stallone look: stubble, aviators, henley shirt, black jacket and tight jeans. Nobody ever say the guy wasn't a fashion icon. Even George Michael clearly wanted to be him. But this movie is all about the supermarket scene.


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