Our Favorite Cameos: Tony Todd in ‘Final Destination’

Our Favorite Cameos: Tony Todd in ‘Final Destination’

Aug 12, 2011

Tony Todd in Final Destination 5Look what happens when a Final Destination film goes without Tony Todd; we get garbage like The Final Destination. Well, that’s in the past and, today, Death embarks on a brand new adventure, bringing viciously creative kills to the big screen in Final Destination 5.

We first met Tony Todd’s Bludworth in the first film of the series when Clear (Ali Larter) takes Alex (Devon Sawa) to say goodbye to his best pal Tod (Chad Donella) before they bury his corpse. That takes the duo to the local funeral home where they crack open a skylight and make their way in. Sure enough, there’s Tod’s lifeless body, with a rough attempt to cover up the wire marks on his neck. That’s when Bludworth steps in to deliver some Death 101. Honestly, would you have known chemicals create cadaveric spasms, allowing a dead man’s arm to jump? Then, Bludworth moves on to dish on the details of a scenario that would terrify audiences for years to come.

Even with minimal on-screen time, Bludworth is the person that fuels the entire series. He tells Alex that he needs to figure out Death’s new design, Clear takes the information to the victims of Final Destination 2 and makes an effort to expand on what she already knows by paying Bludowrth a second visit. Final Destination 3 is Bludworth free, save for Todd’s voice on the Devil’s Flight rollercoaster, but the characters are smart enough to consider the past and make some smart decisions, letting the film carry on just fine without Todd. Without launching into an anti-The Final Destination tirade, Bludworth’s original words still echo through the main players ’ actions. Sans Bludworth, who knows if anyone would have figured out, well, not how to escape Death’s design, but at least tamper with it to deliver some fantastically frightening films?

As I’m all hopped up on Final Destination excitement courtesy of a solid fifth installment, this Our Favorite article goes out to the man who achieved so much with so little, introducing us to Death’s dedication to stick to the plan way back in 2000 -- your friendly neighborhood coroner, Bludworth. Click on the image below to watch Bludworth’s franchise debut.

Tony Todd in Final Destination

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