Tony Stark Calls Out Mandarin in First Full 'Iron Man 3' Clip

Tony Stark Calls Out Mandarin in First Full 'Iron Man 3' Clip

Apr 05, 2013

Iron Man Tony Stark

Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark is feuding old-school style in this new Iron Man 3 clip, which finds the superhero calling out his nemesis Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) from the middle of a throng of reporters. Did no one tell Tony Stark that all celebrity and superhero word battles are to be conducted on Twitter these days?

Stark is a badass all the way through the new clip from Shane Black’s upcoming film, going so far as to offer up his home address to everyone within ear shot. We wonder how many fans will be sending letters and postcards to that address now. We hope it doesn’t really exist or someone’s about to get a lot of nerd detritus shipped their way…

We can’t really discern too much about the film from this brief bit of footage, but we’re hoping that Iron Man 3 kicks off Marvel Phase Two with a bang when it jets into theaters on May 3. Have a peek at the clip below and let us know if you’re on board with Tony Stark’s newest adventure.

[via Yahoo! Movies]


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