Tony Scott Was Working on 'Top Gun 2' with Tom Cruise Right Before His Death

Tony Scott Was Working on 'Top Gun 2' with Tom Cruise Right Before His Death

Aug 21, 2012

Director Tony Scott

As the entertainment world struggles to come to grips with the suicide of director Tony Scott, we’re starting to get a look at what the filmmaker had in development prior to his passing. Like his brother Ridley, Tony had a very full slate of projects.

THR reports that as late as last Friday, Scott was meeting with Tom Cruise about their planned sequel to Top Gun. The duo was in Nevada touring a naval air station as part of the pre-production research.

The article goes on to say that Top Gun 2 was just one of three projects in the “advanced stages of development” that Scott was tied to. His next feature was likely to be Narco Sub – a film about a disgraced Navy officer who’s forced to pilot a submarine filled with cocaine to America. He was also involved in a film named Lucky Stripe and was considering a Wild Bunch remake for Fox.

Scott didn’t just direct features – he also produced films and television shows with his brother, director Ridley Scott. He had a number of projects in the works for those mediums as well, including an untitled project about diamonds at AMC, and Killing Lincoln, a show about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln for National Geographic.

Fans can also check out the Scott-produced miniseries Coma, which is set to air on A&E this coming Labor Day.

We can’t begin to speculate what will happen with these projects in the wake of this tragic event, but we suspect the features, particularly Top Gun 2, will still get made. We also suspect Scott would have wanted it that way. 

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