Tony Scott Loves Remakes; Begins Eying 'The Wild Bunch'

Tony Scott Loves Remakes; Begins Eying 'The Wild Bunch'

Aug 18, 2011

Tony Scott has directed 16 feature films since making his debut with The Hunger in 1983. He's had big hits (Top Gun, Revenge, Enemy of the State), big flops (The Last Boy Scout, The Fan, Domino), and few certifiable stand-outs like Crimson Tide and True Romance. But the man had some success a few years back with his remake of the classic heist thriller The Taking of Pelham 123 -- so he just might be heading back to reboot territory.

According to Deadline, Ridley Scott's longtime producing partner / little brother wants to tackle a new version of (wait for it) Sam Peckinpah's classic anti-western The Wild Bunch. As you probably know the 1969 Walon Green-penned film tells the story of several aging archetypes of the "old west," and how they plan to rustle up one last score as the world becomes more "civilized" around them. It stars William Holden, Warren Oates, Robert Ryan, Ernest Borgnine, and a bunch of other excellent folks ... and if you've never seen this movie, at least we can thank the alleged remake for reminding you of a movie you simply MUST SEE.

Tony Scott has one project on his front burner: a fact-based tale of Hell's Angels, but after that he's open to monkeying with The Wild Bunch -- or any one of a dozen other potential projects. The Scott brothers like to keep their options open.

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