Tony and Ridley Scott Team Up For 'Killing Lincoln'

Tony and Ridley Scott Team Up For 'Killing Lincoln'

Jan 13, 2012

Tony and Ridley ScottTony and Ridley Scott are set to team up on a new project – a two hour documentary based on Bill O’Reilly (yes, the Fox News personality) and Martin Dugard’s Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever.

The brothers Scott will produce the documentary, which is slated to air on the National Geographic Channel sometime early next year. Production is scheduled to begin this spring. O’Reilly will receive an Executive Producer credit on the film.

The selling point of the title is that it will recreate key historical scenes (some using CGI) and present rare archival material.

O’Reilly issued a statement with the announcement, saying “National Geographic has a great legacy of telling some of history’s most riveting stories. The assassination of President Abraham Lincoln is no exception, as it continues to be one of the most significant, life-changing events in America’s young history.”

"Ridley and Tony Scott are incredible directors, producers and amazing storytellers with the ability to bring this story to life in a way no one else can.”

The Scotts' have experience with this sort of material – having been involved in the History Channel’s Gettysburg last year.

No word yet on how O’Reilly plans to pin the Lincoln assassination on the Obama administration, but that’s what pre-production meetings are for. Kidding aside, we’re excited to see this documentary – the Lincoln assassination is a fascinating moment in American history and the Scotts are sure to do it justice.

[via The Wrap]


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