Tony Parker's Mistress Revealed?

Tony Parker's Mistress Revealed?

Nov 18, 2010

Yesterday the world learned that Eva Longoria had officially filed for divorce from her basketball star husband Tony Parker. At the time, it was rumored that he'd been having an affair that involved -- what else? -- texting another lady all sorts of fun things about (we assume) balls, slam dunks, dribbling ... and then probably some stuff about basketball too. Well, keeping in mind that said mystery woman could never remain a mystery for more than 24 hours in this seedy, paparazzi-addicted country, today we've learned that Parker's mistress may have been the wife of his ex-teammate Brent Barry.

Her name is Erin Barry, and she recently moved out of the family home she shared with Brent while filing for divorce. Apparently Eva is friends with her, too, which I'm sure makes this whole scenario that much more painful for her, but that much more fascinating for us.

Parker joins a long line of idiotic athletes who've been caught cheating as of late, the most notable being Tiger Woods, who was also caught texting his horny little face off. We're not sure whether there were other women at this point, but if Tiger taught us anything, it's that whatever other women there are will most definitely make themselves known starting with... did you say porn star?

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