Tomb Raider Returns as Reboot

Tomb Raider Returns as Reboot

Mar 09, 2011

  • Get ready for the return of Tomb Raider -- in 2013 at the earliest. GK Films, a production company involved with Rango and Martin Scorsese’s Thanksgiving family movie Hugo Cabret has acquired the rights to the lucrative video game-turned-movie franchise. Angelina Jolie, who powered two movies to $432 million worldwide will not be back as Lara Croft, nor will the original actress whom the character was modeled after, Rhona Mitra, which opens the door for a new badass buxom butt-kicking babe (say that three times fast) to emerge. Early and rather unimpressive candidates include Megan Fox, Gemma Arterton, Summer Glau, Olivia Munn and Noomi Rapace. Granted, no one will fill the Tomb Raider outfit better than Jolie, but which one of these actresses stands the best shot (pardon the pun)? --Derrick Deane

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