Watch 'Croft,' a Very Impressive 'Tomb Raider' Fan Film

Watch 'Croft,' a Very Impressive 'Tomb Raider' Fan Film

Dec 30, 2013

Fan films: you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Right? Or maybe not. Director Trevor Addie created a respectable 20-minute fan film, Croft, inspired by the Tomb Raider film and video game franchise. The short contains some impressive choreography, action scenes and a compelling finale.

In it, a woman risks her life to save a young girl who is being held hostage in the mountains by a group of mercenaries. We appreciate that this version of the ass-kicking archaeologist focuses on her badass fighting skills versus her cup size. Croft is an impressive undertaking for a low-budget project that uses minimal twists for maximum effect.

Does Croft do the iconic character justice and prove that fan films continue to get better and better?

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