Horror Icon Tom Savini to Remake 'Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things'

Horror Icon Tom Savini to Remake 'Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things'

Jul 12, 2012

Although he's best known for his gory, groundbreaking special effects works on a variety of films, Tom Savini has also made a name for himself in the acting community. We credit his screen career to that menacing stare and intense facial hair. He's also had experience behind the camera as director on 1990's Night of the Living Dead and most recently in a segment for last year's The Theatre Bizarre. Now, Fangoria is reporting that Savini will direct a remake of the 1972 zombie flick, Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things.

Savini's had plenty of experience working with zombies, so we're not terribly worried how that will turn out. Filmmaker Drew Daywalt — who has been popular thanks to his creepy horror shorts — will be writing the screenplay. Savini told the website why the low-budget classic is near and dear to his heart:

"When I did my first movie, it was for Bob Clark and [original Children star/special makeup creator] Alan Ormsby. It was Deathdream, the very next movie they did after Children. One of the scenes involved a drive-in movie theater, and we shot all night, and on the screen Children played over and over again! That was the first time I saw Children. I watched it repeatedly while I assisted Alan on Deathdream’s special makeup effects." 

The new movie will follow the basic premise of Clark's film, where the dead are accidentally awakened on a small island by a theater troupe. Savini will also be handling the special effects for the film, and wants to "take zombies to a new level." The remake goes before cameras later this year. Previous reports had George Romero at the helm, but we're kind of glad he sat this one out. Savini seems the perfect choice to craft some truly odd characters. What say you?

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