Tom Hiddleston on 'Thor 2' Status, its Female Director and How Many Marvel Movies Loki May Appear In (Exclusive)

Tom Hiddleston on 'Thor 2' Status, its Female Director and How Many Marvel Movies Loki May Appear In (Exclusive)

Dec 05, 2011

If every interview could be with Tom Hiddleston for the rest of my career, I'd be happy. Know this about the actor before we get to the juicy Marvel stuff: He's pleasant, polite, unbelievably warm, gracious and just a great person to be around after a long day of doing press for an upcoming film. That's where I met up with Hiddleston yesterday, meeting up with the man to chat about Steven Spielberg's War Horse, where Hiddleston plays a British war hero whose character is instrumental to the segmented plot. We'll have more with Hiddleston closer to release, but you love the Marvel stuff so I figured we'll let you have those details first.

As far as Thor 2 is concerned, yes, Hiddleston will be playing Loki in the film once again, though he hasn't yet seen a script for that yet. Which begs the question: Just how many Marvel movies will Loki appear in? "Well I signed for six films initially, and I've done two -- Thor and The Avengers," Hiddleston told "I don't know how long people will be interested in me, but we'll see." Regarding Thor 2, Hiddleston added, "Thor 2 is in production, yeah. I haven't seen the script or anything, but I'm thrilled that Patty Jenkins is going to direct. Really, really excited. As a director she has this incredible handling of performance and the muscularity of that character. She's absolutely fearless, and I think she and Chris [Hemsworth] will take Thor in a really cool direction."

Thor 2 is due in theaters on July 26th, 2013. Keep an eye out for more from Hiddleston as the release date for War Horse (which I really enjoyed, for whatever that's worth) approaches.

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