Casting/Sequel News: Tom Hardy as Al Capone, Justin Timberlake and 'Bad Santa 2'

Casting/Sequel News: Tom Hardy as Al Capone, Justin Timberlake and 'Bad Santa 2'

Jul 15, 2011

Justim TimberlakeHollywood is abuzz with sequel and potential casting rumors this morning – read on and ponder these projects as you work toward your weekend.

Justin Timberlake has somehow managed to avoid the average boy band member’s almost pre-destined fate (huge fame, plummeting record sales, fade into obscurity, appearance on a reality show…) and has become not only a successful solo artist, but a fairly well regarded actor as well. The former N-Sync member earned kudos for his work in The Social Network and recently turned up in the comedy Bad Teacher. If things continue on that path, it seems we’ll be seeing more of Timberlake in the months ahead.

IndieWire says the songster is set to star in In Time, an action film that sounds like it came straight out of the ‘80s. Timberlake will play a rookie cop who teams up with a former Delta Force operative (who also happens to be female) to stop a mercenary who’s stolen a large cache of weapons. While the title is covering a lot of bases, the project has been described as being similar to Lethal Weapon. That’s the good news. The bad news is that In Time has been floating around in movie purgatory since early 2009. Maybe getting Timberlake involved will get the film moving forward in the production process.

Meanwhile, Tom Hardy’s Hollywood stock continues to rise. The actor, who was brilliant in Bronson and became something of a household name thanks to Inception, has a full slate of projects in the works – including the Mad Max updates and a turn as Bane in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. That hasn’t deterred the actor from looking for more work, though – and he may have found his next project, a crime drama that would find the actor playing infamous gangster Al Capone.

The film, entitled Cicero, is set up at Warner Bros. and would chronicle the mobster’s rise to power in prohibition-era Chicago. Details beyond that are sketchy at this point – and as IndieWire points out, there’s discussion about crafting a trilogy out of Capone’s tale – one film covering his rise to power, the next set during his reign, and a third film detailing his downfall. Sounds like a great idea for a trilogy – and we think Hardy would make an excellent Al Capone. Let’s hope this one finds some traction.

Still from Bad Santa

Back in 2003, Bad Santa surprised everyone and became cult classic. The black comedy, which followed Billy Bob Thornton’s criminally-inclined mall Santa Claus, had an ending that left open the possibility for a sequel – and now the new Miramax (purchased by Ron Tutor) is looking to continue the tale.

The LA Times got news of the project thanks to a source who needed to stay anonymous, but the mole says the sequel is in development – and that the studio has commissioned two separate writers to pen their own scripts. Miramax and Dimension will then choose the one they prefer for the second film – and may use the other script for a third. It’s a somewhat unusual move, but Miramax seems to be hedging their bets. The two screenwriters in question are young talents without a lot of credits, so this approach may work for the best.

Thornton is onboard for reprising the role of everyone’s favorite bad Santa – but only time will tell if a Bad Santa sequel can live up to the original. 

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