'Saving Mr. Banks' First Look: See Tom Hanks As Walt Disney

'Saving Mr. Banks' First Look: See Tom Hanks As Walt Disney

Jul 10, 2013

Saving Mr. Banks

We love a good dramatic re-creation of a real series of events, so we’ve been very curious about the state of Walt Disney Pictures’ upcoming Saving Mr. Banks – a film that features Tom Hanks as Disney and Emma Thompson as Mary Poppins creator P.L. Travers. Today, we’ve got a photo to share with you from the set (you can see it up above).

The film is a dramatization of the lengths Disney went to in order to convince Travers to allow him to adapt Mary Poppins for the screen. The author wasn’t interested in allowing Hollywood to ruin her book, but eventually was forced to consider the possibility as time progressed.

Disney brought her to California and pulled out all the stops to show her that he was serious about not only making the film, but doing it right – and it turned out to be a tough sell. Don't believe us? Look at Thompson's body language in that photo...

Given that Disney is making this film about its beloved patriarch, we suspect it will showcase Walt in a glowing light and might not always be completely tied to reality. We’re okay with that, though – we think the idea of Hanks and Thompson sharing a screen sounds too good to pass up.

Saving Mr. Banks is set for a December 13 release – putting it right smack dab in the middle of the feel-good holiday movie season and in a prime spot to garner awards consideration.

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