Tom Hanks Personally Refunded Disappointed Couple's 'Larry Crowne' Tickets

Tom Hanks Personally Refunded Disappointed Couple's 'Larry Crowne' Tickets

Aug 16, 2011

Larry Crowne

As if anyone needed any more reason to love Tom Hanks*, he goes and does something like this.  Of course, it's all just hearsay without any video or pics to prove it happened, but according to the Herald Sun, Hanks was recently at a gas station in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles when a man and woman approached him.  

As it so happens, this couple had recently seen Hanks' latest film, Larry Crowne, so they used that as the ice breaker to talk to the star.  Naturally Hanks then asked the couple what they thought of the film, and apparently the man promptly told the writer, director and star that his movie "wasn't that good."  Hanks reaction?  He pulled $25 out of his wallet and refunded the disappointed fans' money.  Well played, Mr. Hanks, well played.

*Okay, if Larry Crowne had been a better movie, it'd certainly be more reason to love Tom Hanks.

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