Tom Hanks Just Created a Really Cool App for Your iPad

Tom Hanks Just Created a Really Cool App for Your iPad

Aug 18, 2014

Hanx Writer app

Tom Hanks isn’t just the Jimmy Stewart of our generation – now the Oscar-winning actor can add yet another title to his illustrious resume: app developer.

Hanks teamed up with Hitcents to create Hanx Writer, a new app for the iPad that allows users to type on the tablet like it was an old fashioned typewriter (if you’re under 25 and wondering what a typewriter is, we'll wait for you to go Google it and get over your laughing fit).

Hanx Writer looks to create the distinctive sound of typing on an old manual typewriter for users pecking away on their tablet’s touchscreen. There’s something soothing to us old timers about the crunchy sound of words being birthed into the world on a traditional typewriter – something that even mechanical keyboards fail to capture. If nothing else, Hanx Writer will feed our sense of nostalgia.

Luckily, the app focuses on the best part of the typewriter experience, without all the other problems. You won’t need manual returns, or cases of whiteout to fix your mistakes (Google it, kids – we’ll wait again), and typing on your virtual keyboard will still be effortless and not require the pure force of a real physical typewriter (“Punch the keys, for God’s sake! Oh, wait, that was Sean Connery).

The best part of all? You can pick up Hanx Writer for your iPad for the amazingly low price of zero dollars. Head on over to the app store and snag your copy now. The folks writing their screenplays at Starbucks will love you when you sit down with your espresso and start texting your girlfriend with this thing.

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