Tom Hank's 'Major Matt Mason' Will Be a Moon Survival Tale

Tom Hank's 'Major Matt Mason' Will Be a Moon Survival Tale

Jan 19, 2012

Screenwriter Graham Yost (Speed, Justified, Broken Arrow) recently revealed new details about the Tom Hanks space adventure project Major Matt Mason, which is based on the Mattel action figure of the same name. At the premiere of this season's Justified, Yost dished up the details on the space survival tale set on the moon — but don't expect to see any hoary sci-fi tropes. He told Retuers (via The Playlist):

"The story is set on the moon, near future, and it's a team of people on a base on the moon, on the south pole of the moon. And of course everything goes wrong. There's no bad guys. There's no aliens. Nothing like that. It's just, can you survive? It's really fun, and it's just been a blast working with Tom on that. We had such a good time on From Earth to the Moon that it's sort of like, 'We've got to go back to the moon. Some way, somehow, let's go back to the moon.'"
Hank's frequent collaborator Robert Zemeckis hasn't officially signed on to direct yet. The filmmaker is busy working on Denzel Washington's troubled pilot movie, Flight. From the way Yost is talking, it doesn't sound like Major Matt Mason will be getting behind the cameras any time soon:
" … Tom is very busy now acting in a bunch of things. I think he’s doing Cloud Atlas now over in Europe, [and then] I think probably going into the Maersk Alabama thing (Somalian pirate drama ‘Captain Phillips,’ directed by Paul Greengrass). So we’ll see if it happens. I hope it does, because we both love lunar exploration."

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