Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Snubbing Oscars After SNL Skit?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Snubbing Oscars After SNL Skit?

Jan 12, 2011

Did someone offend Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes so much that they're actually going to snub a ticket to the Academy Awards, or is this just another case of "Nothing to Write About, So We Make Stuff Up" on the part of the British press. Hmmm ... let's pause for a minute and take a wild guess.

Earlier this week it was <a href="">reported that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes would not be attending the Oscars this year because they were so offended by Anne Hathaway's Katie Holmes impression on Saturday Night Live recently. Hathaway, who was hosting the episode, appeared as Katie Holmes in a segment called The Miley Cyrus Show (watch it here). In it, she poked fun at the way Holmes speaks, and the way she brushes her hair back over and over and over again, as if she was somehow programmed at birth to do that on a consistent basis until someone literally removes either her arm or hair from her body.

The news didn't make much sense originally, especially since Tom Cruise is so used to people making fun of him (in print, online, on television, in movies) that you'd think the guy (and his wife) would have a handle on it by now; just going with the flow. And based on the response from his reps, that's apparently what's happened here. No, they claim Cruise and Holmes will not be skipping the Oscars because of Hathaway's SNL skit, but moreso because they're not nominated for anything, nor do they have any reason to be there.

So now that we can't heckle Cruise and Holmes for being 2011's biggest cry babies, I suppose we'll just have to do with this.

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