Tom Cruise Fights Hard in New Badass 'Oblivion' Trailer

Tom Cruise Fights Hard in New Badass 'Oblivion' Trailer

Feb 13, 2013

Folks were a bit uncertain after an initial Oblivion trailer that seemed to be a bit unfocused and heavy on the live-action WALL-E vibes, but here comes a second trailer that definitely ups our anticipation meter for Joseph Kosinski's (TRON: Legacy) next sci-fi thriller. Due in theaters on April 19, Oblivion is one of those rare upcoming blockbusters that isn't a superhero movie or a sequel, but instead looks to be an intriguing mix of The Matrix and various postapocalyptic movies, with the addition of Tom Cruise running around with a big-ass gun for most of the movie.

Kosinski has said that he was inspired by '70s sci-fi films like Mega Man or Silent Running when coming up with the story of a drone repairman on a destroyed Earth whose discovery of a mysterious woman triggers him to question everything he thinks he knows about his life. Assisting Kosinski with scripting duties here was Michael Arndt, who's also writing the next Star Wars sequel, for those who want a taste of Arndt's sci-fi work prior to seeing what he delivers on Episode VII

Check out the trailer below...

From an earlier interview with MTV, Kosinski talked about what inspired the film visually and what sets it apart from the sci-fi we've seen before: "I always knew exactly what I wanted the film to look like. 'Alien' is one of my favorite movies of all time, but I feel like after 'Alien,' science fiction kind of went into the dark for a long time. It became about deep space and dark ship holes and it just went into darkness. I liked the idea of bringing science fiction out into the daylight again. So it is a daytime science fiction film where the world is kind of divided into two zones: the world above the clouds and the world below the clouds. The world above the clouds is where Jack lives with Victoria, his partner, in this operation, in the skytower which is 3,500 feet above the ground, away from the dangers that live below, which is a very different world from the ground where Jack actually has to do his job every day. And that juxtaposition to me in concept lends itself into a visual juxtaposition as well, where you're gonna see technology set against a landscape that I feel is something we haven't really seen before."


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