Today's Big Movie Rumors: 'Knight Rider' Movie Eyes Leading Men and Tarantino's Leaked Track List for 'The Hateful Eight'

Today's Big Movie Rumors: 'Knight Rider' Movie Eyes Leading Men and Tarantino's Leaked Track List for 'The Hateful Eight'

Feb 13, 2014

Quentin TarantinoIt has not been a good few months for Quentin Tarantino, First, his script for a new Western titled The Hateful Eight was leaked, and now someone has (at least in theory) leaked the list of songs Tarantino wanted to include on the score. QT really needs to keep his stuff under lock and key, it seems.

Normally, a listing of songs that a director wanted to include with his upcoming film wouldn’t be a particularly big deal – but given how integral music is to Tarantino’s productions, a leaked soundtrack list is almost as big as leaking the actual script or the list of films he’s paying homage to. When you put them together, it’s easy to envision exactly what Tarantino is looking to do well before he ever shoots a frame of footage.

We have no way of knowing if this hand-written list of songs is actually legit or not – but the chicken-scratch scrawl looks sort of like Tarantino’s to our decidedly untrained eyes. More importantly, the song selections fit what we’d expect a Tarantino Western to sound like. There’s plenty of Morricone on the list, some Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, etc. We're not sure where hip-hop group Originoo Gunn Clappaz fit in, but we're sure Tarantino could make it work.

Have a look at the full list below. Now we can all sit around and theorize as to why QT decided to scratch Velvet Underground off the list… [via The Film Stage]

Leaked Hateful Eight Song List

Knight Rider Remake Considering Two Stars

I thought Knight Rider was a pretty crappy show even when I was kid, but never underestimate the power of nostalgia. The Weinstein’s are banking on the fact that all of my fellow disillusioned fortysomethings will gladly flock to a local multiplex to see an updated big-screen take on the story of a man and his talking Trans Am. 

According to our friends over at The Schmoes Know, the Weinstein Company has offers out to two actors for parts in the upcoming production. If their scoop pans out, we could be seeing Chris Pratt and Danny McBride in a near future remake of the show.

The Schmoes go on to speculate that Pratt would most likely be up for the part of Michael Knight, the role made famous by David Hasselhoff in the television series. McBride, meanwhile, would voice KITT, the sentient and nearly indestructible Trans Am. 

We’ll have to file this under rumor for now, but as the Schmoes point out, this casting could work – particularly if TWC is interested in reenvisioning the property as more of an action comedy like 21 Jump Street. Personally, an action comedy sounds like the best approach to us – we can’t really see anyone pulling off a serious Knight Rider movie in this day and age, which was essentially confirmed by the 2008 TV series reboot lasting just one season. 


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