Today in Movie Culture: Oscars Hangover Edition

Today in Movie Culture: Oscars Hangover Edition

Feb 29, 2016

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for Oscars-inspired movie culture:


Best Oscar Nominee Parodies:

From the show itself, here are the hilarious parodies of Joy, The Revenant, The Danish Girl and The Martian featuring Whoopi Goldberg, Leslie Jones, Tracy Morgan and Chris Rock


Best Alternate Ending to an Oscar Win:

It's a good thing the bear from The Revenant wasn't actually at the Oscars, because Leonardo DiCaprio's win for Best Actor could have gone more like this [via Above Average]:


Best Oscar Winner Sequel Idea:

Speaking of The Revenant, in the sequel Leonardo DiCaprio is apparently miniaturized and this time attacked by a hamster:


Best Use of the Oscar Speech Thank You Scroll: 

In case you missed it, Inside Out director Pete Docter used the new thank you scroll as an opportunity to give his kids a special message [via Cinema Blend]:


Best TV Ad for an Upcoming Movie:

Disney's Zootopia parodied the titles of some of this year's Oscar nominees in a new TV spot that ran during the awards show:


Best Print Ads for an Upcoming Movie:

Also getting in on the nominee poster parody idea was the upcoming comedy Keanu, via Twitter:


Best Misunderstanding of an Oscar Winner:

See an alien from the future analyze the multiple Oscar winner Mad Max: Fury Road in the latest episode of Earthling Cinema:


Best Oscar Party Cosplay:

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill donned some Mad Max: Fury Road cosplay while watching the awards:


Best Oscar Presenter Craving:

Morgan Freeman seems to have developed a certain craving from his old PBS children's television colleague Cookie Monster. Watch him grab a Girl Scout Cookie from Chris Rock after presenting the Best Picture award to Spotlight [via Cinema Blend]:


Best Oscar Nominee Montage:

What's next for the 2016 Oscars? How about a movie adapted from and piecing all of the nominees together? Here's its trailer (via Cinematic Montage Creators):





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