Today in Movie Culture: Obi-Wan Kenobi's 'Star Wars' Spinoff, Martin Scorsese's 'Super Mario Bros.' and More

Today in Movie Culture: Obi-Wan Kenobi's 'Star Wars' Spinoff, Martin Scorsese's 'Super Mario Bros.' and More

Aug 18, 2016

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:


Fake Movie of the Day:

Obi-Wan Kenobi gets his own solo Star Wars spinoff movie in this fan-made trailer featuring a lot of footage of Ewan McGregor as Jesus in Last Days in the Desert (via /Film): 


Movie Parody of the Day:

"Goodplumbas" mashes Goodfellas with Super Mario Bros. in this short comedy film by Nick Gregorio (via Geek Tyrant):


Vintage Image of the Day: 

Robert Redford, who turns 80 today, with Paul Newman and an unidentified ping pong player on the set of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in 1968:


Goofs of the Day:

Stranger Things is a TV show, but this College Humor parody of criticisms about its anachronisms applies to movies, too:


Reworked Scene of the Day:

Peter Parker's sidewalk strut and dance in Spider-Man 3 is even more awkward without the music (via Geek Tyrant): 


Limited Edition Movie Art of the Day: 

This beautiful Ferris Bueller's Day Off print is by artist Marq Spusta for Dark Hall Mansion: 


Video Essay of the Day: 

Filmmaker Kentucker Audley made a video essay parody focused on "Tim Burton's Powder," and it's a sick burn to all other video essayists (via The Talkhouse):


Cosplay of the Day: 

Speaking of Tim Burton movies about strange guys with white faces, here is a double shot from CineFix on how to do a proper costume and makeup for Edward Scissorhands cosplay:


Fake Food of the Day: 

If Ben & Jerry's made an ice cream based on The Shining, it might look like the flavor below. See more funny horror-themed pints at Geek Tyrant.


Classic Trailer of the Day: 

Today is the 10th anniversary of the release of Snakes On a Plane. Watch the original trailer for the goofy horror movie below.  




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