Today in Movie Culture: Nicolas Cage Video Game, Morissey as the Hulk and More

Today in Movie Culture: Nicolas Cage Video Game, Morissey as the Hulk and More

Mar 19, 2015

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:


Watch a quick montage of Framestore's work on Rocket Racoon for Guardians of the Galaxy in this awesome video (via Slashfilm):


Now watch an even cooler video and go deep inside Framework's designs for Knowhere for Guardians of the Galaxy (via Devour):

What if Morissey was in The Avengers? See more '80s post punk icons as Marvel superheroes, including Robert Smith as Nightcrawler and Siouxie Sioux as Scarlet Witch at Billy the Butcher (via Popped Culture)


Love Star Trek and sushi? You'll have to get this set, in which the Starship Enterprise is a chopstick holder and a place to put your soy sauce (via Design Taxi): 


CineFix takes on Raiders of the Lost Ark for "Art of the Scene," focusing on the making of the iconic opening sequence:


This violently clever poster design for The Godfather comes via artist Marie Bergeron for FilmDoo's Poster Creativity Competition (via Shooting People):


Watch kids react to VCRs and VHS tapes, which might as well be alien artifacts (via Geek Tyrant):


The Daily Mail illustrates how today's leading actors are so much shorter than yesteryear's:


Who else wishes this Nicolas Cage video game "Streets of Cage" was real? I wonder if you can play as any of his characters (via Live for Films).


These neat soup can packages for food-related titles are for books, but two of those books -- The Naked Lunch and Breakfast at Tiffany's -- became movies (via Design Taxi):


40 years ago today, the pilot of The Muppet Show aired on ABC. It was actually titled "Sex and Violence," which sure doesn't sound like a program for kids. Watch the first part of the episode below.



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