Today in Movie Culture: History of Horror Movies, Chewbacca Mom Action Figures and More

Today in Movie Culture: History of Horror Movies, Chewbacca Mom Action Figures and More

Jun 20, 2016

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:


Film History of the Day:

Diego Carrera presents a history of horror cinema with one movie per year from 1895 through 2016 (via Geek Tyrant):


Film Analysis of the Day:

Darren Foley of Must See Films explores the depiction of fame in Martin Scorsese's The King of Comedy:


Vintage Image of the Day:

Two-time Oscar nominee Stephen Frears, who turns 75 today, directs a young Gary Oldman and Alfred Molina on the set of the 1987 film Prick Up Your Ears


Supercut of the Day:

Speaking of Prick Up Your Ears, here's a supercut of actors portraying real writers by Jonathan Kiefer for Fandor Keyframe:


Custom Toy of the Day:

"Chewbacca Mom" Candace Payne got her very own talking Star Wars action figure from Hasbro (via Geek Tyrant): 


Mashup of the Day:

It would probably make more sense for Rogue One, but here's a mashup of the original Star Wars movies presented in a fun Suicide Squad type trailer:


Star Wars Art of the Day:

Check out a new Star Wars Celebration Europe poster parallelling the original trilogy characters with Force Awakens counterparts below. You can see more art made for the big event over at /Film.


Classic Cartoon of the Day:

Today is the 75th anniversary of the release of Disney's The Nifty Nineties, a vaudeville tribute starring Mickey and Minnie, which you can watch in full here:


Cosplay of the Day:

Casey Renee aimed for historical accuracy in her cosplay of Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast to better represent the Rococo style of the time period (via Fashionably Geek):


Classic Trailer of the Day:

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Watch the original trailer for the animated feature including voice recording shots and unfinished scenes below.




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