Today in Movie Culture: Chris Pratt in 'Top Gun,' Angela Lansbury's Darth Vader Audition and More

Today in Movie Culture: Chris Pratt in 'Top Gun,' Angela Lansbury's Darth Vader Audition and More

Feb 06, 2015

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:


If Disney is really considering Chris Pratt for Indiana Jones based on a popular Photoshop, here's another image suggesting him for a Top Gun reboot. Head to World Wide Interweb for other remake posters featuring the actor. 

Meanwhile, here's what Chris Pratt was really doing this week, visiting a children's hospital in costume as Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy. He's joined in this photo by fellow Marvel star Chris Evans. See more sweet pics here.

George Lucas helped the Drama League honor James Earl Jones with this video of other choices for the voice of Darth Vader, including Rose Byrne and Angela Lansbury, who says she would have been Luke's mother, "Dartha Vader" (via

As we near the Oscars, it's time for another Boyhood parody, this one mashing it with the Harry Potter movies:

Iconic movie cars by their year of production:

Speaking of iconic movie cars, artist Khyzyl Saleem redid the time machine from Back to the Future because he "always wondered what a DeTomaso Pantera would have looked like as a time machine instead of the not-so-trustworthy Delorean." (via Geek Tyrant): 

From 1921's The Mechanical Man to last year's Interstellar, this video offers a chronological supercut of robots in movies (via Geekologie):

Artist Rocky Davies took '80s villains and paired them up with perfectly fitting '80s song titles for *fresh* fake album covers like the one for Predator and Guns 'n' Roses below. Head to the Awesomer for more, including baddies from Ghostbusters and A Nightmare on Elm Street (via Geekologie). 

This music video featuring a couple of real-life grandparents covering the duet "Love Is an Open Door" from Frozen is just the cutest (via Oh My Disney):

Disney's Pinocchio celebrates its 75th anniversary this weekend. The animated feature first premiered at NYC's old Center Theatre on February 7, 1940. In honor of the occasion, watch the movie's original trailer below and then check out an ad and part of the program for that initial cinema's booking (via Disney History Institute).




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