Today In Movie Culture: The Case Against Movie Accuracy, 'Jurassic World' Meets 'Minions' and More

Today In Movie Culture: The Case Against Movie Accuracy, 'Jurassic World' Meets 'Minions' and More

Jun 25, 2015

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:


Movie Argument of the Day:

Should Jurassic World have feathered dinosaurs? Mike Rugnetta of PBS makes the case against the need for movies to be accurate (via Filmmaker IQ):


Movie Mash-Up of the Day:

Speaking of Jurassic World, this "Prattkeeping" meme keeps going strong, now with a Minions crossover:


Musical Tribute of the Day:

One guy did all the a capella parts for this excellent musical tribute to Back to the Future, which turns 30 next week:


Musical Adaptation of the Day:

Super Mario gets back to his Italian roots? Here's part of an opera based on the Fred Savage movie The Wizard (via Topless Robot):


Alternative Poster of the Day:

I swear this poster for Mad Max: Fury Road was actually on my wall in the mid-'80s. Nick Stewart Hoyle is the artist behind this fold-marked beauty (via The Film Stage).


Supercut of the Day:

This is an interesting supercut on fight comebacks in movies because the first half shows the heroes being beaten and then the second half shows all the comebacks in a symmetric fashion:


Vintage Image of the Day:

June Lockhart, who turns 90 years old today, with Judy Garland and others in Meet Me In St. Louis. She would later become better known for TV work and cheesy '80s movies:


Film Analysis of the Day:

Apparently Room 237 didn't put an end to the overanalytical study of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. Here Rob Ager navigates the mystery of the twins (via Press Play):


Cosplay of the Day:

Enough of all the Disney Princess cosplay. Here's a girl dressed as the fox version of Robin Hood from the 1973 animated feature (via Fashionably Geek):


Vintage Trailer of the Day:

40 years ago today, Rollerball arrived in theaters with a dystopian look at the future (specifically the year 2018) that doesn't seem that unfamiliar now. Watch the original trailer below.



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