Today in Movie Culture: Batman vs. Batman Fan Trailer, the Evolution of Pixar and More

Today in Movie Culture: Batman vs. Batman Fan Trailer, the Evolution of Pixar and More

Jun 14, 2018

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:


Fake Trailer of the Day:

What if Ben Affleck's Batman and Christian Bale's Batman somehow crossed over their universes? They'd fight, of course, a la this fake trailer from Stryder HD:


Cosplay of the Day:

Heading to see Incredibles 2 this weekend and want to cosplay at the theater? Here's a makup tutorial for any Violet cosplayers:


Studio History of the Day:

In honor of the release of Incredibles 2 this weekend, Burger Fiction chronicles the evolution of Pixar through their latest feature:


Movie History of the Day:

In honor of the Superfly remake in theaters this week, Fandor and editor Christopher Inoa look at the original and the history of  1970s blaxploitation: 


History Movies of the Day:

This Storytellers video shows how the Battle of Stalingrad from World War II has been depicted in the movies: 


Vintage Image of the Day:

Laurie Metcalf, whose birthday is this weekend, with director Oliver Stone and co-stars Kevin Costner and Wayne Knight on the set of JFK in 1991:


Actor in the Spotlight:

In the latest edition of IMDb's No Small Parts, Brandon Hardesty showcases the past movie and TV work of Westworld actress Shannon Woodward:


Movie Comparison of the Day:

Dimitri Bitu compares scenes from Milk with footage of the real Harvey Milk side by side:


Movie Science of the Day:

In the latest edition of Because Science, Kyle Hill examines whether Thanos could truly snap his fingers while wearing the Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers: Infinity War:


Classic Trailer of the Day:

This weekend is the 40th anniversary of the release of Grease. Watch the original trailer for the classic musical below. 




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