Today in Movie Culture: 'Jurassic World' 1970s Trailer, 'Star Wars' Travel Guide and More

Today in Movie Culture: 'Jurassic World' 1970s Trailer, 'Star Wars' Travel Guide and More

Oct 16, 2015

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:


Alternate Reality Movie of the Day:

Here's what Jurassic World would look like if it had been made in the 1970s (via Geek Tyrant):


Star Wars of the Day:

Where would you like to go in the Star Wars Galaxy? This video by whoispablo turns the franchise's settings into a kind of travel ad (via Live for Films):


Video Essay of the Day:

CineFix examines the climactic clocktower scene of Back to the Future for the latest installment of Art of the Scene:


Movie Studio Birthday of the Day:

Today is the 92nd birthday of the Walt Disney Animation Studio, and on this "in between year" occasion animator Eric Goldberg (Aladdin) celebrated with a drawing of his favorite Disney sidekicks:


Vintage Image of the Day:

Angela Lansbury, who turns 90 today, keeps her hair in place while taking a meal break with Basil Rathbone during the making of The Court Jester in 1955. 


Cosplay of the Day:

Mary Cotter recently celebrated her 103rd birthday volunteering at a senior center dressed as Wonder Woman. Here's hoping she lives long enough to see the superhero's upcoming movie (via Fashionably Geek).


Make-up Tutorial of the Day:

In case you don't want to be just another Elsa this Halloween, learn how to be a Zombie Elsa in this video:


Supercut of the Day:

Inspired by Jacob T. Swinney's popular First and Final Frames supercuts, here's one by Plot Point Productions focused on horror movies, including Halloween, The Blair Witch Project and The Wicker Man:


Movie Mashup of the Day:

In a funny bit of movie worlds colliding, here's a funny photograph of Tom Hanks during the making of Sully as he runs past the restaurant chain named for his Forrest Gump character (via Daily Mail):


Classic Trailer of the Day:

In honor of the release of Bridge of Spies, here's the original trailer for the first movie to bring Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks together (as producer and star), The Money Pit:


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