Today in Movie Culture: 'Black Mass' Meets 'Nosferatu,' Mel Gibson in 'Mad Max: Fury Road' and More

Today in Movie Culture: 'Black Mass' Meets 'Nosferatu,' Mel Gibson in 'Mad Max: Fury Road' and More

Sep 21, 2015

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:


Alternate Dimension Movie of the Day:

Here's what Black Mass might have looked like if it was a silent horror film from the 1920s (via Cinematic Montage Creators):


Alternate Casting of the Day:

Here's what Mad Max: Fury Road might have looked like if Mel Gibson retained the title role (via Live for Films):


Vintage Image of the Day:

It was 30 years ago today that George Clooney made his debut on TV's The Facts of Life, in one of his first notable regular roles. 


Movie Franchise Takedown of the Day:

While we patiently wait for Spectre to arrive, check out Mr. Sunday Movies' look at the worst James Bond gadgets of all time:


Toy of the Day:

Here's another New York Comic-Con exclusive for those of you who really love the movie Mask (via Scott Wampler)


Character Actor of the Day:

The latest episode of No Small Parts puts the spotlight on Darlene Cates, best known as the mother in What's Eating Gilbert Grape?:


Cosplay of the Day:

Check out the best of this year's DragonCon, including parts of the annual parade, which is one of my favorite events here in Atlanta:


Star Wars of the Day:

Artist Nina Levy drew a series featuring Star Wars characters riding dinosaurs on napkins for her kids' school lunches, and they remind us that Star Wars: The Force Awakens needs to defeat Jurassic World as the biggest movie of the year. See more at Design Taxi.


Fan Poster of the Day:

Spanish artist David G. Fererro has created a bunch of art deco posters for Disney classics. The one for Peter Pan below I found appropriate to share as the negative reviews of Pan are surfacing. See the rest at Fashionably Geek.


Classic Trailer of the Day:

Today is the 40th anniversary of the release of Sidney Lumet's Dog Day Afternoon. Watch the original trailer for the movie, which stars Al Pacino, below.


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