Today in Movie Culture: 'Avengers: Infinity War' VFX Breakdown, 'Deadpool 2' as a 1990s Action Movie and More

Today in Movie Culture: 'Avengers: Infinity War' VFX Breakdown, 'Deadpool 2' as a 1990s Action Movie and More

Aug 23, 2018

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:


VFX Reel of the Day:

Cinesite shares a breakdown of the VFX they contributed to Avengers: Infinity War:


Reworked Movie of the Day:

Here's a fake VHS commercial for what Deadpool 2 would be like as a 1990s action movie:


Movie Comparison of the Day:

In honor of the home video release of Deadpool 2, Couch Tomato shows 24 reasons why the sequel is the same movie as Logan:


Movie Review of the Day:

Superman and Batman argue over the new animated feature Teen Titans Go! To the Movies in the latest episode of Super Cafe:


Supercut of the Day:

For IMDb, Phil Philips of The Happytime Murders utters a whole bunch of classic action movie lines:


Vintage Image of the Day:

Before directing R-rated puppets in The Happytime Murders, Brian Henson was making real Muppet movies. Here he is with Tim Curry on the set of Muppet Treasure Island:


Actor in the Spotlight:

For Fandor's Icons & Outliers series, Q.V. Hough pays tribute to the one and only John Malkovich:


Video Essay of the Day:

StudioBinder breaks down the evolution of the screenplay for Back to the Future and how it turned into a perfect movie. Watch the video below and check out the whole breakdown article here


Cosplay of the Day:

When your dentist is inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy, you no longer fear going to the dentist:


Classic Trailer of the Day:

Todays is the 20th anniversary of the premiere of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Watch the original U.S. trailer below. 




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