Today in 4th of July Themed Movie Culture: 'American Girl Dolls: The Action Movie,' Honest 'Independence Day' Trailer and More

Today in 4th of July Themed Movie Culture: 'American Girl Dolls: The Action Movie,' Honest 'Independence Day' Trailer and More

Jul 03, 2015

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture this holiday weekend:


Fake Movie Trailer of the Holiday:

"Because nothing is more American than making money." Anna Chlumsky and Amber Stevens star in a fake trailer for an action blockbuster adaptation of the American Girl Dolls:


Movie Take-Down of the Holiday:

Before you sit down for your annual re-watch of Independence Day, watch Honest Trailers blow up the landmark movie's spot, even unintentionally by reminding us Independence Day 2 was supposed to arrive this weekend. 


Vintage Image of the Holiday:

Rita Hayworth gave us some of the greatest pin-up shots of all time, including this patriotic image that doesn't even need to be in color for you to see the red, white and blue.


Cosplay of the Holiday:

Rather than settle on one person dressed up as Captain America, here's a montage of the best Captain America cosplay, as compiled by Lore Kings:

And since Lore Kings is an equal opportunity site, here's another montage of the best female Captain America cosplay:


Movie Mash-Up of the Day:

Speaking of Captain America, here's one of the stars of the upcoming movie Minions doing his own cosplay as the Avengers leader. You can actually buy this mash-up in toy form, too.


Supercut of the Holiday:

This collection of epic movie explosions set to the "1812 Overture" was made for New Year's, but with all of its pyrotechnics, including a lot of fireworks, it also fits for Independence Day:


Supercut of the Holiday - Runner Up

Every 4th of July brings a National Hot Dog Eating Contest, and there's always someone who comes in second place at the event. So, we've also got a second-place supercut for today, and of course it's a showcase of hot dogs in the movies:


Fan Art of the Holiday:

What patriotic American wouldn't want to hang a watercolor painting of Mel Gibson in The Patriot in their home? Here's one by artist Jose Cabral also available on greeting cards for those of you who consider Independence Day another Hallmark holiday.


Filmmaker in Focus:

While not an outright study of Michael Bay (see Tony Zhou's Bayhem video essay for that), here's one of Bay's identifying motifs in a nutshell with a montage of all 53 shots in Transformers: Age of Extinction feauring the American flag:


Classic Trailer of the Holiday:

Could we go with anything else but the original trailer for Oliver Stone's Born on the Fourth of July? Interestingly enough, this movie was actualy born, theatrically, on the 20th of December 1989.


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