WTF: Tobey Maguire is Being Sued for Winning Millions in Underground Poker Games

WTF: Tobey Maguire is Being Sued for Winning Millions in Underground Poker Games

Jun 22, 2011

Tobey MaguireThis is one of those bizarre news stories that just makes your brain involuntarily cock your head to the side and say, "Really?"  Tobey Maguire is at the center of a lawsuit alleging that the actor won millions of dollars in an elaborate ring of underground poker games attended to by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and a doofus named Bradley Ruderman (more on him in a bit).  These games took place at revolving locations around Los Angeles, were protected by kevlar-wearing, gun-toting guards and required passwords to get into.  Now with all of that in mind, does the innocent-looking gent to your left strike you as someone who would not only be in on these games, but allegedly winning a million dollars a month over the course of three years?  Bizarre, right?

So since you can't be sued for being a good poker player, what exactly is Tobey Maguire being sued for?  Well, the aforementioned Bradley Ruderman was a corrupt hedge fund manager and fellow underground poker player.  He essentially stole money from his clients that he then used to gamble in these elaborate games, which are said to have a buy-in of $100,000.  Turns out Ruderman is a crappy poker play, though-- or he's at least not as good as Maguire, as he reportedly lost millions to the Spider-Man star.  Now his bankrupt hedgefund is suing the actor in an attempt to recoup the defrauded money.  And since all of this went down in LA, the hedge fund is taking advantage of a CA law that says any winnings from unlicensed poker games are deemed ill-gotten gains and can be legally seized.

Of course Maguire's camp is fighting the lawsuit, though interestingly they're not refuting Maguire's involvement with the high-stakes games, they merely intend to defend that these exclusive events were not illegal.

We don't know about you guys, but Tobey Maguire just got a lot more interesting in our books.

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