To Plead Guilty or Not Guilty: The Lindsay Lohan Story

To Plead Guilty or Not Guilty: The Lindsay Lohan Story

Feb 23, 2011

There's been an update to the Lindsay Lohan saga! Quick, to the water cooler!

Lindsay Lohan was back in court today to find out more about the new craptacular situation she's found herself in, which stems from an incident in which she allegedly stole some jewelry from a store. She claims she didn't steal anything, and that the jewelry was lent to her (because she's a celebrity and that's one of the perks), but she forgot to return it on time ... or one of her "people" forgot to return it on time. Regardless of which shady scenario she's using to defend herself, the whole thing has landed her back in court facing more jail time.

Today Lohan learned that if she decides to take a plea deal, the judge will send her to jail for violating parole. The only way Lohan can avoid jail is to take the risk of pleading not guilty and letting a jury decide whether or not she really stole the jewelry.

Obviously every news outlet in the world wants the girl to plead not guilty just so they can set up a 24-hour, round-the-clock, Michael Jackson-esque trial coverage and treat this sucker like O.J. Part II. Realistically, though, chances are Lohan is going to take a plea and return to jail for an undetermined amount of time.

Her last visit to jail ended after something like three weeks because of overcrowding or some such, so how much time could they really give her here? A few months, which will be reduced to a few weeks?

Lohan is due back in court on March 10th where she'll have to make her final decision. Seeing as her lips seem to be getting bigger with each court date, chances are bad news could result in Lohan literally eating the courthouse. Now there's some must-see TV!

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