TMNT Redux, Expendables Kill 'Em All, a Google Movie

TMNT Redux, Expendables Kill 'Em All, a Google Movie

Aug 19, 2010

  •  Heroes in a Half Shell They’re making another live-action version of TMNT, and this time they won’t be pizza-devouring jokesters and Corey Feldman will be nowhere to be found. This new adaptation should be darker and more bad-ass, coming from the writers of Iron Man. It remains to be seen if these turtles will be womanizing whiskey-drinkers.
  •  Paranormal, Too Lionsgate’s marketing team (whom the cynic in me suspects was behind the brilliant Expendables “fan made” call-to-arms trailer) got a bunch of boys in a room and fooled them with this fabulous bait-and-switch for The Last Exorcism. [Thanks, Slashfilm.]
  •  Kill Shots Someone tallied the total kills by the 9 Expendables guys over all their movies, 1,593 in all, with Dolph Lundgren taking credit for 632 of them. Stallone was #2 at 340, Jet Li and Bruce Willis (who may catch up, if he returns as the villain in the sequel) close behind with about 200 or so each. However, they left out Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose numbers could’ve included the entire state of California.
  •  We’re Sorry… As if a movie about social media’s most annoying-yet-most used site Facebook isn’t a boring enough prospect, now comes a movie about Google, created by two Harvard guys who got rich with the motto “don’t be evil.” If you’re looking for an interesting story, search again.

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