Titanic Sunk? Plus Conan (No, Not O'Brien) and Mad Max 4 Rumors, and Dinosaurs Back from Extinction

Titanic Sunk? Plus Conan (No, Not O'Brien) and Mad Max 4 Rumors, and Dinosaurs Back from Extinction

Jan 15, 2010

  •  Down with the Ship Avatar continues its march to the No. 1 all-time box office record currently held by Titanic. When your competitors are Christian-baiting apocalypse flicks and quite possibly the worst movie Jackie Chan’s ever made, it should be a cinch.
  • Mwah! Rumor has it New Moon Cullen clanster Kellan Lutz is a top contender for the chest-baring Conan remake.
  •  Defossilized Megafauna It’s confirmed, the Jurassic Park series will come back from extinction with a fourth installment and what’s more, it will start a new trilogy in the series. The only reason this doesn’t make my blood run cold is that there hasn’t been a good dino movie since the first in that series and it will probably be in 3D.
  •  And in IMAX? Currently shooting in Australia, word is Mad Max 4: Fury Road will in fact be in 3D like every other movie coming out in the near future, and will likely combine live action with CG animation.
  •  Adult Entertainment Speaking of that crazy land Down Under, if you happen to be in South Australia and have a hankering to rent Inglourious Basterds, The Hangover, Paranormal Activity or any other R-rated movie, prepare yourself to dig through porn titles to find them. This from a country that holds Crocodile Dundee in high regard.
  •  Abort! Abort! Someone at Lionsgate thought it would be a good idea to make a movie out of a pregnancy reference guide called What to Expect When You're Expecting. For the love of god, please don’t let this one be 3D...

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