A Time to Snitch: The Informant! Comes Home in February

A Time to Snitch: The Informant! Comes Home in February

Dec 21, 2009

Matt Damon packed on the pounds to play the highest-ranked American executive to ever turn whistleblower in Steven Soderbergh’s political dark comedy The Informant!, based on true events and a non-fiction book written by journalist Kurt Eichenwald. Mark Whitacre (Damon) is a rising star at Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) who eventually comes clean to the FBI about the company’s price-fixing tactics after some prodding by his wife (Melanie Lynskey). Since Whitacre’s hands were hardly clean and he suffered from bipolar disorder, Whitacre’s meltdown and bizarre behavior landed him more time in the pokey than the white-collar colleagues he fingered. 

While it is still true that nobody likes a snitch, a lot of you will like watching Damon sweat and squirm as Whitacre when Warner Bros. releases The Informant! on disc on February 23. Extras include audio commentary by Soderbergh and writer Scott Burns as well as deleted scenes. This Blu-ray release will also be the first title to fall under Warner Bros.’s new policy of including a DVD and a digital copy in the package. What is not clear yet is if the movie will be released as a standalone DVD title, or if people only interested in the DVD will be forced to purchase it along with a Blu-ray and digital copy they may not want. If the latter is true, Warner better price it right or risk a meltdown of another variety by consumers.

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