Tim Burton Reveals First Images from 'Frankenweenie'

Tim Burton Reveals First Images from 'Frankenweenie'

Oct 27, 2011


Tim Burton's remake of his 1984 short film, Frankenweenie, is shaping up nicely and the spooky director recently had an in-depth chat with Entertainment Weekly about it. He also shared a few stills from the project that once caused him to lose his job at Disney. The Dark Shadow's director based his story on the Frankenstein myth, trading a man-cum-creature for a dog.
When Victor — a monster lover who makes his own fright flicks — suffers the loss of his pet pooch Sparky, he decides to bring him back to life using horror movies as his guide. Sparky's reincarnation is wily though, and doesn’t exactly get along with the neighbors. How does Burton balance the sad aspects of his film? "Ultimately, we try to go with the slightly more positive aspects of keeping that [boy-and-his-dog] relationship going," he told EW. The director also talked about why the film was buried during his Disney days. (He once worked as an animator for the Mickey Mouse studio.) "I don’t know, they got freaked out or something, but they still allowed me to make the film,” Burton said. "Even though I was frustrated about the release — or not release of it — it was still a great experience, and did a lot for me, so I couldn’t really complain.”
Catch a peek at one of the stills from the new film below. Visit EW's site for the full interview and more great images.

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