Ti West Has a Werewolf Script Just Waiting to be Made

Ti West Has a Werewolf Script Just Waiting to be Made

Aug 30, 2011

The House of the DevilEven if you don't like his films, it's hard to argue that Ti West is one of the most interesting horror filmmakers working today.  He doesn't compromise, he doesn't make movies that fit the mold of what's popular, and he casts for talent, not for marketability.  And while that results in truly tremendous films like The House of the Devil and The Innkeepers, his unwillingness to make broad horror unfortunately means he doesn't have project after project locked down for financing.

Over the weekend West was in London for the UK premiere of The Innkeepers, which is where he gave audiences an update on two projects he's currently trying to get made.  The first is The Side Effects, a sci-fi film he's talked about before that involves pharmaceutical testing and outer space.  Funding is coming into place for that ambitious project, but it's only about halfway there.  So, as a back-up he's got a fully-written werewolf film waiting in the wings.

Unfortunately that's about all we know about the film.  Will it be a slow burn throwback like House of the Devil or The Roost, or a playful dissection of the creation of urban legends like The Innkeepers?  No idea, but I'm hoping it's nothing like either of them.

Both of those projects are still hypothetical at this point (though The Side Effects is closer to production), but fans will definitely be able to see a new Ti West film in the near future as he'll be participating in Drafthouse Films' anthology The ABCs of Death.  He'll also be seen in front of the camera in Adam Wingard's You're Next, which will be playing at both the Toronto International Film Festival and Fantastic Fest in just a matter of weeks.


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