'The Three Little Pigs' in Real Life (or the Best Ad of 2012 So Far)

'The Three Little Pigs' in Real Life (or the Best Ad of 2012 So Far)

Mar 02, 2012

If a story like the one featured in The Three Little Pigs were to happen in real life, how would the media cover it? That's what The Guardian attempts to dissect in this fantastic ad/short film that picks up after those cute little pigs kill the wolf who was trying to blow their house down. Naturally our media-obsessed world is all over the story, with many siding with the pigs, who are immediately arrested for murder.

The Guardian then goes to town promoting all the different ways their readers are engaging with the story. From online to on their phones to various social networks, not only is this a great visual portrait of a newspaper's evolving landscape, but it's also a very cool little snapshot at how we consume our stories these days, to the point of extreme overexposure. That may not be a good thing for our overall sanity, but it's a great thing for The Guardian, who promise to be right on top of all major events as they unfold. [via Copyranter]

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