Watch: The Gritty 'Three Little Pigs' Movie You've Always Wanted

Watch: The Gritty 'Three Little Pigs' Movie You've Always Wanted

Jul 23, 2012

Hollywood's slew of gritty fairy-tale adaptations are derived from sources equally dark and disturbing. We've recently seen Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and other fabled characters on the big screen, but a new story has been tapped for a modern update. The Three Little Pigs — about a trio of swine defending their home from a voracious wolf — is the subject of a Kickstarter-funded project from Tulsa-based filmmakers Pocket Full of All Stars.
Their upcoming film The Brick House — named after the only abode able to withstand the wolf's huffing and puffing — tells a story that leads up to the events in the classic tale. The three little pigs inherit a house that requires massive repairs, but as website Design Taxi points out, they get caught up in a housing-market drama and face sibling rivalry — oh, and wolves.
The movie was successfully funded on Kickstarter — exceeding its goal, even — and we've shared a newly released trailer for the film. We're dying to know who sings the featured song, but the filmmakers haven't released the info yet according to their Facebook page. Let us know what you make of this prosthetics-heavy, gritty reimagining below.



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