Three-Boobed Woman Returning for 'Total Recall' Remake, Says Len Wiseman

Three-Boobed Woman Returning for 'Total Recall' Remake, Says Len Wiseman

Aug 03, 2011

When you learned that the (unnecessary but inevitable) Total Recall remake was going to be directed by the man who brought you Underworld, you probably thought one of three things:

1. Why remake Total Recall?

2. Who directed Underworld?

3. I'm tired of remakes. This news irks me.

Well, listen up, nay-thinkers. Mr. Len Wiseman is here to assure us that A) the remake never goes to Mars, B) it's being shot with some amazing technological gee-whizzery, and C) there will, once again, be an appearance from a three-breasted woman. Check out the full barrage from Mr. Wiseman over at Collider, and try to take some solace in the fact that there's no plan to do this Total Recall flick in 3-D. Yet.

For more, check out the scene below, as well as our interview with Len Wiseman and coverage of the Total Recall Comic-Con panel.

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