Three Adam Sandler Comedies New to Blu-ray This June

Three Adam Sandler Comedies New to Blu-ray This June

Mar 28, 2011

Remember the now-defunct HD DVD format that delayed the adoption of Blu-ray several years ago during the unnecessary high-def format war? Universal was the biggest champion of HD DVD and is, to this day, still making up for it by putting out titles on Blu-ray that were previously only available on HD DVD.

This is good news for Adam Sandler fans because three of his comedies—Billy Madison, Bulletproof and Happy Gilmore—will laugh all the way to Blu-ray for the first time on June 7. Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore will each contain deleted scenes and outtakes, in addition to a feature commentary by director Tamra Davis on Billy Madison. Bulletproof is pretty extras-proof with only some basic BD functionality like "My Scenes" and "Pocket Blu" included instead of any real bonus features.

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