Three 'Prometheus' Trailers Drop and They will Blow You Away -- Is This the Summer Film to Beat?

Three 'Prometheus' Trailers Drop and They will Blow You Away -- Is This the Summer Film to Beat?

Mar 18, 2012

Three trailers for Prometheus have dropped online today in the thick of WonderCon festivites -- two of which are new plot-heavy theatrical trailers and the other a briefer IMAX trailer -- and all three do a tremendous job of sucking you into its freaky alien world, gripping and pulling at your attention more than any sci-fi film in recent years. These promos are just intense. Brutal intensity that builds to an almost-overbearing conclusion.  

Whether or not the entirety of Prometheus is as edge-of-your-seat entertaining as these trailers, we won't know until the film hits theaters on June 8th, but whoever is cutting these together should be given some sort of trailer badge for the ridiculous amounts of anticipation they're building with each new promo.

And these latest trailers -- like the ones before them -- just further intensifes our interest in Prometheus, Ridley Scott's Alien-connected sci-fi thriller, which, believe it or not, is fastly becoming the most anticipated film of the summer blockbuster season. Step up your game Dark Knight Rises, because this sucker is on!

UPDATE: Here's the full theatrical trailer

UPDATED: Here's UK Trailer

IMAX Trailer

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