Thora Birch Fired from Dracula Because Her Dad is Nuts

Thora Birch Fired from Dracula Because Her Dad is Nuts

Dec 17, 2010

Look, if you're Thora Birch, you have to take any opportunity that comes your way. The actress, who first appeared on screen as a child in the late 80s, has been bouncing around Hollywood for years -- most notably co-starring in Oscar winner American Beauty and Ghost World. Since then, well ... it's been a bunch of TV movies and films we've never heard of (Deadline? Train? Dark Corners?).

Instead of happily being known as "That girl who takes her shirt off in the window in American Beauty -- dude, remember?!", Birch may now be known as "That chick with the ridiculously insane father" after an altercation and weird behavior on the part of Jack Birch, Thora's dad, forced her to be firedfrom starring in the Broadway production of Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Dracula director Paul Alexander removed Birch from the production after her dad allegedly assaulted a fellow male actor for rubbing his 28-year-old daughter on the back. Oh, but that's not all! Alexander went on to explain what else this Father of the Year was up to:

"It really was like Nightmare on Elm Street. It was bizarre. He (Jack Birch) also insisted on hanging out in the girls' dressing room. And all the girls are in it. Including other people besides his daughter! I just thought, 'This is getting stranger and stranger.'

"I have a 31-year-old daughter and it would never occur to me to be that involved in my daughter's life. It seemed to be exactly the opposite for them."

In his defense, Jack Birch told the New York Times that he "was trying to convey Thora's discomfort" and didn't threaten anyone. I'm sorry, but if you have a 28-year-old daughter and still feel the need to "convey" her discomfort, then you don't know Jack, Jack.

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