'Thor: The Dark World' Gets Its Comic-Con Push: Check Out the New Concept Poster

'Thor: The Dark World' Gets Its Comic-Con Push: Check Out the New Concept Poster

Jul 12, 2013

ThorMarvel has a plate filled with comic book movies it's ready to serve up over the course of the next few summers. It’s debatable if any of them will be bigger than The Avengers 2, but Thor: The Dark World should be in the upper echelon as well – after all, Thor is in both movies.

Studio boss Kevin Feige is ready to get people hyped up for Thor’s new adventure and the company’s sure-to-be gigantic Comic-Con panel. He fired the first salvo of hype missiles recently in an Entertainment Weekly interview. Feige talks a bit about the film, and also revealed some of the upcoming title’s cool concept art.

The new concept piece is pretty awesome – mostly because it shows off all the big characters in the film (including our first look at Algrim the Strong). Hemsworth takes center stage, of course, but if you can divert your eyes from the God of Thunder for a moment or two, you can see lots of familiar faces lurking in the periphery.

Feige goes on to explain a bit about the vision of the new film and how they’re interested in playing up the Asgard angle.

We wanted to see more of Asgard than last time. We see the street-level view, the nooks and crannies of house people actually live there -- real people and not just golden superbeings.”

Kind of funny to think of regular people just living and working in Asgard. Wonder what a studio apartment runs in downtown?

Expect lots of Marvel movie updates when Comic-Con kicks off on July 17. Until then, enjoy the concept art.

[via Comic Book Movie]

Thor 2 concept art


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