Concept Art: Here's What Thor Almost Looked Like

Concept Art: Here's What Thor Almost Looked Like

Sep 20, 2012

Though it's important to always judge a movie after seeing it the way the filmmakers and studio intended, I personally can't help geeking out over the stuff we usually don't see, like the pitch reels or the concept art. Lately many of these conceptual artists have been pretty liberal about posting their unused designs for major Hollywood films over on their own sites, and in turn we're rewarded with a taste of what could've been. In some cases it's what should've been, but most of the time -- and especially after viewing the final product -- we can understand why some designs weren't used.

For example, artist Wesly Burt has worked on a number of blockbusters over the years, from Thor to Battleship to Transformers -- and speaking of those three films in particular, Burt has put concept art from all of them online for fans to see what early versions of some of the characters looked like. In particular, we're highlighting his work on Marvel's Thor.

Above you'll find two very different images. Both definitely get across that this man is a warrior, but each goes a little too much in one direction, which is why they probably weren't used. In one, Thor looks like he has too much armor on -- you sort of lose the character in what he's wearing. In the other, Thor's not wearing much at all, taking the focus away from the character and putting it on his bare chest. We imagine if lightning-covered shirtless Thor ever popped up on-screen, that's all anyone would talk about.

However, Marvel did sort of make a nod to the shirtless Thor in the first movie, though at the time he was "Earth" Thor and not in superhero mode. For fans that's fine -- just don't let him go into battle with no clothes on. Even a god needs to rock a little chest armor when he's eliminating the bad guys.

For more art, check out Burt's site. What do you think about this version of Thor? Anyone like this better than the final outcome? [via CBM]

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