John McTiernan Reveals Plot Details for a 'Thomas Crown Affair' Sequel He Wrote While in Prison

John McTiernan Reveals Plot Details for a 'Thomas Crown Affair' Sequel He Wrote While in Prison

Apr 28, 2014

Thomas Crown Affair

John McTiernan is back in action after being released from prison in February, and the Die Hard filmmaker is already talking about new projects for his big-screen return.

While many of us on the Internet have clamored for McTiernan to bring John McClane back to respectability, it appears as though the filmmaker would like to return to another of his films first: The Thomas Crown Affair. McTiernan reveals that he wrote a script for a sequel while in jail, and has now revealed plot details in an Empire interview.

“Nebuchadnezzar had two lion statues commissioned in 1100 BC: a male and a female. Alexander the Great took them when he conquered Persia. Mark Antony had them taken to Rome. Constantine moved them to Constantinople. And at some point the lioness went missing. The movie is about what happens when it turns up at an auction. By the way, it’s all bulls**t; none of that ever happened.”

McTiernan adds that the script is “really a lot of fun” and that he hopes someone will allow him to make it. No word on whether he’d bring back stars Pierce Brosnan and Renee Russo for a new film, or if this would be more like a reboot, but the idea seems sound.

Would you be up for another Thomas Crown Affair? Should Brosnan be brought back or is it time to cast someone else in the role? Let us know what you think below. 





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