Is This What the Perfect James Bond Looks Like?

Is This What the Perfect James Bond Looks Like?

Jan 08, 2013

The first movie-related viral trend of 2013 seems to be this morphing of different actors' faces who've played the same character to see what the perfect version of that character should (or would) look like. Unfortunately there aren't many franchises to experiment with, save for Batman and James Bond, and so those are the two that have been targeted thus far. Here's what the perfect Batman (or Bruce Wayne) should look like, and below you'll see an image of the perfect James Bond, pieced together using images of all the previous actors who've played the iconic super agent.

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The final version definitely brings out more of an old-school vibe, with Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan coming through the most. It feels like we should be watching this guy perform songs in Vegas and wine and dine showgirls more than anything else. He definitely looks cool, but he's missing a little more Daniel Craig-ish angst. What do you think?

[via io9]

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