Is This What Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man Almost Looked Like?

Is This What Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man Almost Looked Like?

Jul 05, 2012

With The Amazing Spider-Man now in theaters, some of the artists who worked on the film are beginning to share some very cool concept art on their personal websites. George Hull and Eddie Yang have worked on a number of big-budget films, including Battleship and Iron Man, and they've both revealed some interesting images recently. First up is Mr. Yang, who dropped a few concept sketches of Spider-Man without saying anything about them.

io9, who rounded up a bunch of this art, have concluded that these images may, in fact, be early versions of what Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man was going to look like. Aside from him being completely ripped, we definitely dig these. Spider-Man looks like a total badass, perhaps a little too much of a badass for the final film. Also interesting about these are the different versions of the spider on his chest, with one image featuring the spider off-center.

And here's some concept art from The Aaron Sims Company ...


In addition to Yang's images are these very cool Oscorp-related concept sketches from George Hull. The three featured below -- showcasing the final battle between The Lizard and Spider-Man -- are our personal favorites. Check out more art from George Hull and Eddie Yang. [via io9]

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