This Video May Change Your Mind About Which Movie Deserves the Best Cinematography Oscar

This Video May Change Your Mind About Which Movie Deserves the Best Cinematography Oscar

Feb 05, 2014


Who deserves the 2014 Oscar for Best Cinematography? This video pitch from Fandor tries to answer that question – or possibly confuse us more. The five choices are brilliant in their own way and completely different from one another, so it’s no easy process. In order to help narrow things down, Fandor is offering two clips from each of the films with the sound removed and some pleasant commentary about the excerpts.

Regarding Philippe Le Sourd’s cinematography for The Grandmaster, which portrays the life of the Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man starting in the 1930s, Fandor notes the incredible clarity and depth amongst a chaotic fight scene. You can almost feel every raindrop as the camera alternates speeds, capturing our attention at every turn. When it comes to the work of Emmanuel Lubezki in Gravity, there are different sets of questions to ponder, due to the involvement of CG during the editing process. The 12-minute continuous shot in the film of the astronauts free falling was actually created in postproduction by editing a series of shots together. Where does the credit go to in this case — the cinematographer or the computer?

Fandor also offers commentary on the work of Bruno Delbonnel for Inside Llewyn Davis, Phedon Papamichael for Nebraska and Roger A. Deakins for Prisoners (we also examined that over here). If you’re still casting your Oscar votes in anticipation of the March 2 awards ceremony, start with this video to help you select a winner. Now if we could just get a video for every category, we’d be all set.


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